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Our Story

Plancha Direct is a start-up solely focused on providing the UK catering & camping sectors with the highest quality plancha gas grills.  A la plancha literally means cooking on top of a hot plate and is growing rapidly in popularity across many parts of Europe. The plancha originated in Spain and is very popular in France. We want to bring the beauty of a la plancha cuisine to the UK and redefine how people typically BBQ. 



We love gas planchas due to the sheer versatility of the product. You can cook a wide variety of dishes including meat, fish, seafood and vegetables, not to mention the ability to cook up some truly authentic healthy meals with no risk of burning your food on open BBQ flames. The food naturally cooks in its own juices, which runs off into a side collecting bowl, leaving no burnt on fats that are notoriously difficult to clean on typical barbecues.



We hope all our customers enjoy the delights of cooking with one of our many planchas and we hope to continue being a leading brand introducing the UK market to “à la plancha” cuisine.


Why Plancha Direct?

Free Delivery

Who wants to pay annoying delivery costs!? We always provide free delivery on our range of gas plancha BBQs

30 Day Returns

If you have a problem with your item, send us an email and we will start a return for you! We would be happy to replace the plancha or refund if necessary

Secure Payment

We accept a number of different payments methods including: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

24/7 Support

Live chat & email support is always available. If we can’t take your query via live chat one of our team will get back to you via email within 24hrs!

''Great purchase, so easy to use, the food is ready fast and tastes delicious. The 5 stars alone should go to how easy it is to clean. It will be in constant use this summer!''
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