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What Are Gas Plancha Grills?

Are you a big fan of grilled dishes?

Do you love dining out in restaurants with the best tasting grilled offerings?

If yes, now is the perfect time for you to discover the wonders of BBQ plancha gas grills!

A plancha grill is a cooking appliance that originated from Spain. Plancha grills are meant to sear vegetables and meats with the use of high temperatures of more than 350°.

This type of grill is composed of the cooking plate, one or more burners, adjustment knobs, a frame, or even a trolley at times. The quality of plancha grills will depend on the plate’s material, its finish, and its power.

Why Choose A Gas Plancha Grill?

The plancha’s source of power is going to determine its power output and how fast it can heat up. No matter what technology you choose, the parts that are used for heating the plancha, either a burner or a heating element, is going to be installed below the cooking plate.

A gas plancha grill powered by propane or butane is more powerful with the ability of reaching higher temperatures within a shorter span of time. The heating power that the burners can supply can go more than 15 kW. If you need a plancha for more intensive usage, there is no doubt that gas planchas are your best choice!

Many chefs today favor gas plancha grills for a lot of reasons, including their increased heating power and their exceptional heat-up times.

Before you use your gas plancha grill for the first time, you need to set up the plancha with a gas hose and a pressure regulator. Unlike the electric planchas, all the gas planchas have been equipped with a number of burners. This means that you can cook your favorite beef fillet and an egg all at the same time.

Gas plancha grills usually come with a trolley where you can store gas models. Using gas plancha grills is also more economical because there is no need for you to light up every single burner just so you can grill a single piece of steak. These grills also provide better management of temperatures so you can control how hot you want your grill to be. You can also use a gas plancha with various kinds of gas, such as propane, butane or even natural gas if you want to use it indoors.

3 burner gas burner

The Traditional BBQ VS Gas Plancha Grills

Once the weather turns warmer, it is only natural for homeowners to be up and about. Of course, this also marks the beginning of the grill season. Backyard BBQ becomes common as families and friends gather together.

But, with the start of the grilling season also means that the long standing debate also begins once again. What is really the best type of grill? Would you be better off with a traditional BBQ or should you choose the more modern gas plancha grills? .

To make your decision-making process easier, here is a quick overview of the differences of these two types of grills:

The cooking surface of a gas plancha grill lets you cook various types of food such as small and delicate ones like fruits and crustaceans. Your gas plancha grill lets you fry your veggies or pan sear your favorite ribs.

A traditional BBQ grill, on the other hand, might not be suitable for all types of food. This can then put a limit on your culinary possibilities. Traditional grills also tend to make foods dry.

But, with a gas plancha grill, you can cook your food in their natural juices. You can also cook all dishes imaginable from the simplest up to the most complicated and sophisticated ones, much to the delight and satisfaction of your family, friends, and guests.

Probably the biggest difference of gas plancha grills over traditional BBQ is none other than its ease and simplicity of use. Turning on your plancha grill at high heat will prepare the cooking surface in a matter of 3 minutes, ready to cook whatever your tummy desires.

In contrast, the barbecuing process is often longer because you still need to build a fire then maintain the embers. This process alone can easily take up to 30 minutes. If you are on a rush and you and your guests don’t have the luxury of time to wait, a gas plancha grill is the best way to go. Find out more about flattop plancha grills here: and here

No direct contact with flames will ever happen when cooking on gas plancha grills unlike in a traditional BBQ. Foods are seared on the plancha grill’s cooking surface. Grease produced from the cooking will go straight to the grease drip tray.

For both coal or gas traditional BBQs, once cooking grease reaches the flames, it creates a black smoke that contains unhealthy dioxins. Cooking with no contact with flames and with no grease added lets you prepare healthy and light meals. Gas plancha grills let you take advantage of healthy cooking to the fullest.

Another notable benefit for aspiring chefs is the little maintenance required for using a gas plancha grill since the food only gets into contact with the cooking surface. With plancha grills, you just need to clean the cooking surface alone. With a barbecue, you still need to maintain the grill on a regular basis, together with the fire pit and the burners. Most of the time, this can be very difficult and time consuming.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of gas plancha grills over traditional BBQ, don’t miss the chance to get one for yourself and enjoy the difference they can make to your grilling experience!

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